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    Nov. 24-2018

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Stage 0
Stage 1

Holders: 219

Hardcap: 21M

Contributors: 13

Bitway Token Price: $0.109

  • 2.98 ETH

    1 day AGO

  • 1.75 ETH

    1 day AGO

  • 2.99 ETH

    4 days AGO

  • 2.99 ETH

    4 days AGO

Bitway Token

Bitway Contract Address:

0xfd5f2d12c42e0b503b388dd22bde6c7a17ed1bb4 Copy
  • MetaMask

    Chrome extension

  • ImToken

    iOS / Android

  • MyEtherWallet

    Web wallet

  • Cipher

    iOS / Android


How to buy Bitway?

By sending Ethereum to the Bitway contract address and you will automatically receive Bitway tokens in return.

First of all you will need to create a wallet with: MetaMask, ImToken, MyEtherWallet or Cipher. When you have got your wallet setup, deposit Ethereum to your wallet address. Now you can invest in Bitway by sending Ethereum to the Bitway contract address. The Bitway smart contract will automatically exchange your Ethereum and return Bitway tokens to your wallet address.

How to pay with Bitcoin or Visa?

Please use the checkout form pay with Bitcoin, PayPal or Visa.

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Why should I buy Bitway?

We're expecting Bitway to be the best and most profitable Bitcoin mining operation of all time.

One of the very cool and unique benefits with Bitway is in fact the monthly payouts based on the amount of Bitway tokens you hold. An advantage that almost no other cryptocurrencies offer and we're expecting huge increase in value when it's publicly traded on major crypto exchanges.

How do I receive the monthly payouts?

By holding Bitway tokens in your wallet you will automatically receive the monthly payouts in Ethereum.

Each month you will automatically receive your portion of the total earnings from the mining operation based on the amount of Bitway tokens you hold in your wallet. Payouts will be distributed in Ethereum to all Bitway token holders on the monthly basis.

How much will I earn on my Bitway tokens?

There will be two main factors determining your total earnings, the monthly payouts and the Bitway token value.

Your monthly payouts will be based on the amount of Bitway tokens you hold in your wallet. It's quite simple, the more tokens you hold the more you get. Utilising the Bitway network explorer you can always follow up with all the mining statistics and also check your estimated monthly earnings based on your Bitway balance.

When should I buy Bitway?

The earlier you invest the better deal you get.

Your best opportunity to get Bitway at the absolute lowest rate is during the ICO at the earliest possible stages where you get the most amount of bonus on your investment. For example, if you bought Bitway during the first ICO stage you would get 50% bonus tokens on your investment and less on the following stages.

Is there any requirements for the monthly payouts?

The only requirement for you to get the monthly payouts is to have a minimum amount of 1000 Bitway tokens in your wallet.

You do not have to apply for anything or request your monthly payouts. All you need to do is to make sure that you have at least 1000 Bitway tokens in your wallet balance to qualify for the monthly payouts.